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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Instructional Computing II Journal 1: Perceptions

How do we perceive ourselves (and others) in the real and digital worlds in which we live? 

How we perceive ourselves in the digital world greatly depends on how we present ourselves.  I think that we judge others the way we judge ourselves in a sense. I like to think that what you see is what you get with me in the real world and the digital world but I am not so sure that is true.  I am much more brave, sillier, colorful, less inhibited digitally than in real life.  However, I am extremely careful of the way that I "carry" myself online because you never know who is watching you or judging.

I believe that I am much more quick to judge someone online based off something they put onto the net because I don't see them everyday.  For example, if someone from my high school constantly sends me Facebook requests to play Farmville and posts party pictures every weekend I may think less of them.  I don't interact with them every day.  All I know is that they like to party and play games; two things I don't really value.  It may be very judgmental but that's what this generation is: self-obsessed & judgmental. We advertise our lives and pretty much just take pictures to post and prove that we did this or that. 

As I mature, I feel that I must be extremely careful to present myself in a manner that is true to myself but still appropriate and non-offensive when it comes to social networking.  I know that family and prospective employers are looking for the "dirt" so I am certainly not providing them with it!

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